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Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm poses for pictures with Romanian Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu and CEOs from companies from France, the U.S. and Canada on a strategic partnership to expand nuclear capacity in Romania.

Nuclear energy provides a critical and sustainable source of energy that contributes to the important goals of both energy security and the reduction of carbon emissions. A key component in furthering those twin goals is strategic and international cooperation by the private sectors on civilian nuclear power. It is in the shared interest that this cooperation encourages the application of the highest modern standards of nuclear safety and security, environmental stewardship as well as procurement and governance practices.

In support of the important twin objectives of energy security and emissions reductions, Fluor Corporation of the United States, Sargent & Lundy of the United States, SNC Lavalin of Canada, and the French-based company Framatome will explore opportunities for cooperation in the civilian nuclear space, including both traditional and advanced nuclear reactors, with SNN in Romania. These four companies are leading global providers of nuclear technology and engineering, procurement and construction management and bring unparalleled knowledge in delivering world-class nuclear power safely and securely.