Did you know that 19% of America’s electricity comes from nuclear power?

That’s an incredible stat given the fact that there are just 92 nuclear reactors operating in the United States.

That’s right, 54 nuclear power plants, located in 28 states, are fueling the future with reliable electricity that we can use every day—and all the time.

They also provide more clean energy to the grid than any other energy source, accounting for half of the country’s clean energy electricity production. 

But this incredible technology isn’t new.

Nuclear energy has been powering the U.S. grid for the past 6 decades and produces around 1 gigawatt of power per plant on average.

Just how much power is that exactly?

It’s kind of a lot, as you can tell from the infographic below.

Graphic that shows different comparisons of 1 gigawatt.

Dig into other energy-related comparisons with this interactive graphic involving burritos and dynamite!


*Updated July 2022

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