MESC is investing in America's energy future


Our Mission

To strengthen and scale America’s clean energy supply chains through:

  • transformative manufacturing capacity investments
  • targeted workforce investments to build up the energy workforce of the future
  • cutting-edge energy supply chain vulnerability and innovation analysis


Our Program Areas

Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (MESC) plays a critical and unique role in catalyzing investments in America’s energy future to support the re-shoring, skilling, and scaling of U.S. manufacturing across energy supply chains. MESC addresses critical vulnerabilities in U.S. energy supply chains, serves as the frontline of clean energy deployment, and accelerates America’s transition to a resilient, equitable energy future through direct investments in manufacturing capacity and workforce development. MESC also develops and provides the energy supply chain focused analytical tools needed to inform programs and investments across DOE, the U.S. Government, and the private sector by identifying gaps, vulnerabilities, and other needs across U.S. clean energy supply chains.

The MESC portfolio includes:

Batteries & Critical Minerals



Manufacturing & Workforce Deployment



Analysis & Strategic Investment



Decorative People and Lightbulb

Our History

MESC was established as a new office under the Office of the Under Secretary for Infrastructure in February 2022 in order to secure and strengthen critical manufacturing and energy supply chains. 

MESC has since launched a range of investments in America’s energy manufacturing sector, positioning the nation to lead in the highest-growth global energy sectors. MESC brings energy justice to the forefront of our investing approach, recognizing the important role America's historic energy communities have in driving American energy sector innovation and leadership. 

Today, MESC has selected 71 projects across 38 states.

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