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Energy Wide Strategic Sourcing (EWSS)

DOE leadership has recognized that benefits could be achieved at the federal level through an organized, systematic and collaborative approach to acquiring commonly used goods and services. The DOE strategic sourcing program builds upon historical accomplishments as well as establishes a more cohesive and disciplined program, consistent with OMB's direction, for the conduct of DOE future strategic sourcing efforts.  The DOE and NNSA Senior Procurement Executives have created a strategic sourcing capability and organizational components to identify federal strategic sourcing opportunities and coordinate strategic thinking.  To date, this program has identified a number of opportunities; particularly in the areas of information technology and logistics. A number of awards which can be used by all DOE/NNSA contracting activities as well as the Facility Management Contractors (FMCs) are made for a variety of products and services and are described and easily accessible from the links contained on the right panel on this page.

The Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Chief Information Officer (CIO) are responsible for the overall development and implementation of the agency's strategic sourcing programs with the CAO designated as the lead for this initiative.

Acquisition Vehicles