DATE: December 01, 2021

New User Guide for the Digital Made in America Waiver Portal

TO: HCAs/Procurement Directors/Contracting Officers FROM: Director Contract and Financial Assistance Policy Division Office of Policy Office of Acquisition Management

To assist in the change management process, the Made in America Office has established a Made in America Waiver Process MAX page, which contains information and resources on proposed waivers, the waiver review process, and contact information. The “User Guide” and “Data Fields – Nonavailability Waivers” documents in the Resource section contain information for contracting officers and support staff to use prior to submitting a proposed waiver through the digital waiver portal.

The User Guide and Data Fields documents will be updated periodically to reflect any changes that have occurred in policy and/or the portal itself.

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For NNSA questions concerning this policy flash, please contact NNSA at (505) 845-4337.

Please do not contact OMB directly with questions. This will allow us to share answers to common questions.