Personal Property Policy is part of the Office of Asset Management within the Office of Management (MA). 

Personal Property is responsible for development and oversight of the Department’s personal property management program.  This section establishes DOE policies, standards, and guidance in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and sound personal property management practices and standards.

Additionally, Personal Property:

  • Advises and provides staff assistance to headquarters and field organizations that perform personal property management functions
  • Establishes performance-based personal property management objectives, measures,  expectations
  • Evaluates federal and contractor personal property management systems, functions, operations, procedures, and self-assessment programs
  • Collects and consolidates critical data (excess personal property, precious metals recovery, exchange/sales actions, property furnished to non-Federal recipients, and supply activities) to assists leadership decision making
  • Prepares agency reports providing an analysis of data for trends, anomalies to detect and correct problems which may have enterprise-wide impact

Personal Property serves as:

  • Career manager for establishing and administering the personal property management career development program
  • DOE National Utilization Officer responsible for promoting acquisition and utilization of excess personal property


Policy and Guidance

41 CFR 101 Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR)

41 CFR 102 Federal Management Regulation (FMR)

41 CFR 109 DOE Property Management Regulations (DOE-PMR)


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