DATE: September 11, 2020

SUBJECT: Unique Investment Identifier (UII) Information

TO: HCAs/Procurement Directors/Contracting Officers
FROM: Director, Contract and Financial Assistance Policy Division, Office of Policy, Office of Acquisition Management

SUMMARY:  This Policy Flash is to provide information on Unique Investment Identifier (UII) numbers.

The UII is the primary key identifier for IT investments within DOE’s IT Portfolio. Folio (formerly eCPIC) is the system used to maintain the IT Portfolio. Folio generates a UII when an investment is created. The UII is comprised of the DOE agency code (019) and nine digits generated by Folio (e.g. 019-#########.)

All FITARA Acquisition Requests should include a UII. The UII indicates which IT investment the planned acquisition is associated with. The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) uses the UII to check the IT Portfolio and ensure that the program has budgeted adequate funding for the acquisition.

Offices should coordinate with their IT Portfolio point of contract (POC) to identify the specific IT investment affiliated with an acquisition.

For questions regarding IT investments and UIIs, please contact the OCIO Enterprise IT Portfolio Management Office (the “DOE CPIC Team”) by email at or by phone at (202) 586-5437.

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