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June 5, 2014
The <a href="/node/801451">Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System</a> in Ivanpah Dry Lake, California. | Photo by Gilles Mingasson, Getty Images for Bechtel.
The Year of Concentrating Solar Power: Five New Plants to Power America with Clean Energy

Learn about a new report that explains why 2014 is the year for concentrating solar power in the U.S.

May 30, 2014
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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Taking Off in the U.S.

Recent milestones by Nissan and Tesla highlight the growing demand for advanced technology vehicles and with nearly $16 billion in remaining loan...

May 7, 2014
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ATVM Loans Help Boost Pickup Truck Efficiency

America’s love of the pickup truck is what makes us so excited by this week’s announcement that Ford has sold its 500,000th 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost®...

April 29, 2014
Agua Caliente, located in Yuma County, Arizona, is now the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in the world. | Photo courtesy of NRG Energy.
Agua Caliente, World's Largest Solar Photovoltaic Plant, Helps Advance America's Solar Leadership

Announcing the launch of Agua Caliente, a utility-scale solar plant that will generate enough clean electricity to power thousands of homes.

February 20, 2014
Construction work inside the Vogtle 3 and 4 module assembly building. | Photo courtesy of Georgia Power Company.
At Vogtle, Big Results with Nuclear Power

Supporting the construction of the first new nuclear power plant to be built in the U.S. in nearly thirty years.

February 14, 2014
Located in the Mojave Desert, 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar thermal energy facility in the world, with 392 MW of capacity – meaning it can produce enough renewable electricity to power nearly 100,000 homes. It uses 173,500 heliostat mirrors spread over approximately 3,500 acres, focusing solar energy on boilers located atop three solar power towers, generating steam to turn a conventional steam turbine. The facility is owned by NRG Solar, Google and BrightSource Energy. The Energy Department provided a $1.6 billion loan guarantee to the project.
Pictured here is an aerial perspective of the nearly completed Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, taken in April 2013. | Photo courtesy of Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images for Bechtel.
Photo of the Week: Ivanpah Solar

Check out our favorite energy-related photos!

February 13, 2014
Celebrating the Completion of the World's Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Traveling west for the dedication of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.

December 12, 2013
The National Energy Technology Laboratory's <a href="http://energy.gov/articles/potential-path-emissions-free-fossil-energy">chemical looping reactor</a>. This promising approach to capturing carbon dioxide will be among the technologies explored as part of the the Loan Program Office's advanced fossil energy solicitation. | Photo courtesy of the National Energy Technology Laboratory.
Launching the Next Wave of Clean Fossil Energy Innovation

Advancing fossil energy projects across the United States, with support from a new $8 billion loan guarantee.

October 31, 2013
The California Valley Solar Ranch produces clean, renewable electricity at the scale of traditional power plants. | Photo courtesy of SunPower.
Solar Goes Big: Launching the California Valley Solar Ranch

The clean energy revolution continues to build momentum as one of the world's largest solar photovoltaic power plants opens for business.

September 17, 2013
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An Update on Fisker Automotive and the Energy Department’s Loan Portfolio

The continued success of America’s auto industry depends on innovation and next-generation technologies that consumers all over the world...

June 21, 2012
Beyond Solyndra: How the Energy Department’s Loans are Accelerating America’s Transition to a Clean Energy Future

From creating jobs and protecting our air and water, the Energy Department's loan program is helping to win the global race for a clean energy...

April 5, 2012
The Caithness Shepherds Flat wind farm in eastern Oregon features 338 turbines spread across two counties. The project is supporting thousands of jobs beyond the 1,000 construction workers on site. The project will utilize 15 suppliers in nine states to fulfill orders for the 845 megawatt wind farm, including General Electric assembly facilities in Pensacola, Florida and Tehachapi, California.  Logistics companies, indirect suppliers, and site contractors are also playing an important role in the project. | Image courtesy of Caithness Shepherds Flat
Update on the 1703 Loan Program

David Frantz, the Loan Programs Office acting Executive Director, provides an update to Senators Bingaman and Murkowski on the loan program.

February 27, 2012
More Than 350 Now at Work Building CA Valley Solar Plant

Progress on the California Valley Solar Ranch is in full swing as 350 skilled professionals work to construct the 250 MW solar facility.

February 10, 2012
A crew from Electric Power Board (EPB) of Chattanooga, TN,  install an S&C IntelliRupter PulseCloser on its distribution network. EPB is installing more than 1,000 of the smart switches which can detect customer outages remotely, isolate damaged sections of the power lines and quickly restore power to customers.  | Photo courtesy of EPB Chattanooga
Modernizing the Grid: Getting More out of America’s Energy

As modernization of the nation’s electric grid moves forward, consumers and businesses are experiencing fewer outages, faster power restoration...

February 10, 2012
Strengthening the Loan Program

Today, the White House issued its Independent Review on the health of the Department’s clean energy loan portfolio. The following is Secretary Chu...

October 3, 2011
The Power and Potential of Geothermal Energy

Office of Public Affairs Director, Dan Leistikow, details how the Energy Department's loan programs are playing a crucially important role in...

September 14, 2011
'Perfect Storm' Sank Solyndra

Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman discusses Solyndra Solar and the need for the U.S. to continue to invest in clean energy technologies and...