Tania Smith Taylor, LM Technical Director

Tania Smith Taylor, LM Deputy Director, Office of Business Operations

Tania Smith Taylor is Technical Director for Long-Term Stewardship for the DOE Office of Legacy Management. In this position, she focuses on incorporating science and technology advances into LM’s long-term surveillance and maintenance efforts and other activities; enhances collaborations with national laboratories, universities, and other agencies; and oversees LM’s international programs.

Previously, Taylor served as the LM Office of Business Operations Deputy Director. OBO is responsible for managing LM’s real and personal property program and its records and information associated with more than 100 legacy sites in the United States and the territory of Puerto Rico that served to support U.S. activities during World War II and the Cold War. These sites are now closed and no longer support a DOE mission. OBO also oversees post-retirement benefits for retired contractor workers formerly employed at legacy sites. Strategic planning, program integration, finance and budget, acquisition, and human capital operations are also OBO functions.

From January 2016 to October 2017, Taylor served as director for the LM Office of Site Operations. She was responsible for LM’s long-term surveillance and maintenance program, real and personal property, safety, environmental management systems, National Environmental Policy Act compliance, the uranium leasing program, and the program to investigate defense-related uranium mines (DRUM) sites.

Prior to joining LM, Taylor worked for the DOE Office of Environmental Management, where she led several improvement initiatives for department-wide programs, EM’s crosscutting programs, and for the EM American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Program. Improvements were important to managing facilities and infrastructure, eliminating excess contaminated facilities, reusing assets for economic development, using project management lessons learned, creating contractor out-placement programs, and training in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, commonly known as STEM.

In addition to having DOE experience with the Savannah River Site Operations Office and EM Headquarters, Taylor has extensive experience managing environmental programs for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Iraq, and the Netherlands. She has also deployed as a civilian on three separate occasions to both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Taylor has a civil engineering technology degree from South Carolina State University, a Master of Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College, and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University.