Jay D. Glascock, LM Director, Office of Site Operations

Jay Glascock, Director, Office of Site Operations

Jay Glascock is the Director of the Office of Site Operations (OSO) housed at LM’s Operations Center in Westminster, Colorado. OSO oversees environmental teams responsible for long-term surveillance and maintenance of more than 100 sites in the United States and the territory of Puerto Rico under various regulatory frameworks. He guides transition activities at sites that will eventually become the responsibility of LM to manage. He champions major repair and maintenance projects to ensure that environmental remedies put in place during site cleanup continue to protect human health and the environment. In addition, he oversees critical functional areas such as environmental compliance, safety and health, and quality assurance for the organization. He also steers the Defense-Related Uranium Mines (DRUM) program, which is a partnership between DOE, federal land management agencies, state abandoned mine lands programs and tribal governments to inventory and safeguard more than 3,000 mines located on public, tribal, and private land. Finally, he administers the Uranium Leasing Program, which facilitates the mining and exploration of uranium and vanadium ores on 31 lease tracts, all located within the Uravan Mineral Belt in southwestern Colorado.

Glascock has been with DOE since 2009. He has worked in DOE’s Office of Project Management and the Office of Management, specifically in the Office of Acquisition and Project Management, as well as the Office of Engineering and Construction Management.

Glascock served in the U.S. Air Force more than 20 years as a member of the civil engineer and RED HORSE communities. He held various assignments, predominantly involved in real property, operations management, environmental management, program and project management, and executing construction programs and projects.

Glascock graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in general engineering. He also obtained Bachelor and Master of Science in civil engineering with an emphasis in construction management from the University of New Mexico. He is a certified project management professional and a certified cost professional.