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STEM Outreach Makes Energy Concepts Easy for Students

January 29, 2019

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Fifth-grade students from Dos Rios Elementary School in Grand Junction, Colorado, learned important energy concepts that scientists use at the Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management (LM).

Two LM Support contractors challenged a classroom of students to a hands-on activity that measured and compared the power of small solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries. Students measured the output using a multimeter, recorded the power voltage readings on a data sheet, and analyzed the data to determine which energy source provided the most power.

Next, the students discussed which renewable energy source worked best and determined solar would be the preferred alternative energy source for Grand Junction’s high-desert environment.

“The outdoor hands-on activity was excellent,” said Kathy Applebee-Page, Dos Rios Elementary School teacher. “The small groups allowed everyone to participate actively. “They did an excellent job presenting the information in language the children could understand,” Applebee-Page said. She added that she would encourage other teachers to explore the STEM education resources available through the department and through the Legacy Management’s Contacts page.

Sharing energy information concepts related to LM’s work is one of the goals of the organization to help promote science, technology, engineering, and math concepts to the next generation of leaders in the energy industry.

LM Support geologist shares information about renewable energy sources.
LM Support geologist shares information about renewable energy sources.