Legacy Management Contacts

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LM DirectorCarmelo Melendez(202) 586-7550carmelo.melendez@hq.doe.gov
LM Deputy DirectorPeter O’Konski(202) 586-7550peter.okonski@hq.doe.gov
Team Leader,
Executive Operations Team
Patricia Poole-Shirriel(202) 586-0402patricia.poole-shirriel@hq.doe.gov

Team Leader,
Communications, Education,
and Outreach Team

Kristen Holmes

(720) 880-4338kristen.holmes@lm.doe.gov
Office of Business Operations
Tania Smith Taylor(202) 586-5008tania.smith@hq.doe.gov
Team Leader,
Archives and Information
Management Team
Edwin T. Parks, D.PA(304) 413-0823edwin.parks@lm.doe.gov
Team Leader,
Financial, Audits, and
Contracts Services Team
Ingrid Colbert(202) 586-1431ingrid.colbert@hq.doe.gov
Acting Team Leader,
Benefits Continuity Team
Tania Smith Taylor(202) 586-5008tania.smith@hq.doe.gov
Office of Site Operations
David Shafer(202) 586-8324david.shafer@lm.doe.gov
Team Leader,
Environment Team 1

Paul Kerl

(202) 586-8324

Team Leader,
Environment Team 2

Gwendolyn Hooten(720) 880-4349gwen.hooten@lm.doe.gov
Team Leader,
Uranium Mine Team
Jay Glascock(303) 410-4822jay.glascock@lm.doe.gov
Team Leader,
Asset Management Team
Budimir “Bud” Sokolovich(303) 410-4810bud.sokolovich@lm.doe.gov
Policy Evaluation
Media RelationsKaren Edson(202) 631-5417karen.edson@lm.doe.gov
Environmental JusticeMelinda Downing(202) 586-7703melinda.downing@hq.doe.gov


DOE Office of Legacy Management

Email: lm@hq.doe.gov

Phone: (202) 586-7550

Fax: (202) 586-8403

Updated May 16, 2019