EPEAT Purchaser Award

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Purchaser Award recognizes organizations for excellence in sustainable procurement of electronic equipment. EPEAT is a method for purchasers to evaluate a product’s effect on the environment, rate it accordingly, and identify it as preferable electronic goods.

The Global Electronics Council (GEC) will award the Office of Legacy Management (LM) with the EPEAT award in a virtual ceremony on July 28. LM IT Specialist Kyle Brown will accept the award on LM’s behalf.

Manufacturers register products in the EPEAT category based on the device’s ability to meet certain criteria, from product lifestyle to design, energy production, and recycling. LM received the award for making purchases within these three EPEAT categories: Computers and Displays, Imaging Equipment, and Televisions.

“Department of Energy, Office of Legacy Management would like to thank the Global Electronics Council for this EPEAT award,” Brown said. “We are proud to be involved in advancing the sustainable procurement of environmentally friendly technologies as it gives support in the reduction of carbon emissions, savings of natural resources, and many more benefits.”

This will be the sixth consecutive EPEAT win for LM, which successfully implemented a policy for procurement of electronic equipment requiring all equipment achieve a bronze status or higher in the EPEAT system.

“The Office of Legacy Management continues to improve our sustainable procurement program to further promote positive environmental impacts through our work,” Brown said.