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LM has instituted a new organizational strategy of “swapping” office directors between functional areas. The goal is to increase integration and flexibility.

In 2016, LM brought Tania Smith Taylor and David Shafer on board as office directors (Site Operations and Business Operations, respectively) with the aim of transferring each into the other’s position after a year of working in their new roles. On October 1, 2017, Taylor switched to the director of Business Operations and Shafer to the director of Site Operations.

Business Operations and Site Operations are both technically demanding and organizationally challenging.  With office directors experienced in both of LM’s major functional areas, the organization gains flexibility, while individuals acquire valuable experience—both of which contribute to LM’s succession plan.

This strategy will drive a better understanding of all LM functions within the organization. The organization will also benefit from diverse perspectives, which will be used to address the increasingly difficult challenges that the organization faces. Increased integration and collaboration will lead to greater strategic thinking and problem solving throughout LM.

The new federal fiscal year is a logical point in time for the transfer, as it aligns with many personnel and contractual turnovers. The directors will continue to regularly interact with each other during the transition and complete projects initiated before the switch. This transition will appear seamless to LM’s stakeholders.