FY17 Lab Call

The Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) and Fossil Energy’s Carbon Storage Program (CP) will award up to $15 million for a Lab Call under the SubTER Crosscut. This Lab Call intends to advance subsurface technologies within two areas of interest: 1) wellbore diagnostics and integrity assessment in existing wells, and 2) sensors and tools for long-term monitoring of wellbore integrity.

Under area of interest 1: DOE seeks projects that will develop novel and/or improved technologies to evaluate casing corrosion and/or cement quality (ability to act as a flow barrier), through the existing casing in place or through tubing and casing combined.  This also includes 3D imaging systems with improved resolution within the wellbore and near-wellbore environment. 

Under area of interest 2: DOE seeks projects to develop autonomous sensors and associated power, telemetry, and deployment systems for permanent installation to enable operational and long-term health of system monitoring.  Projects proposed in this area must specifically address any potential new failure modes (especially unconstrained pathways) associated with embedding devices in the wellbore system.

AEC Partnership

SubTER recently partnered with the Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC), a formal body  of leading oil and gas industry and University members that facilitates research in micro- and nanotechnology materials and sensors that have the potential to create a positive and disruptive change in the recovery of petroleum and gas from new and existing reservoirs.

AEC has been operating since 2008 supporting research in upstream and nanotechnologies.  To date, AEC has filed 50 patents, published 250 peer reviewed journal articles, supported over 400 students and post-docs, and invested approximately $50M in research.