The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy provides Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages with information on energy efficiency, energy technologies, and project development through webinars and an online curriculum.

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2023 Tribal Energy Webinar Series: Tribes Seizing the Opportunity for a Clean Energy Future

The federal funding being allocated for climate change solutions, and specifically for tribal communities, is unprecedented. Seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will be key to managing the climate crisis, improving equity, and increasing energy sovereignty. 

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Indian Energy’s 2023 Tribal Energy Webinar Series will look at how tribes can participate in the clean energy transition—and benefit from the historic opportunity. Each webinar will share information, tools, resources, potential funding opportunities, and tribal case studies.

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DATE Webinar title and description
Oct. 11

Understanding 48(e) and Elective Pay for Tribal Governments

Earlier this year, the U.S. Treasury presented about funding for Tribes through the historic Inflation Reduction Act as part of the 2023 Tribal Energy Webinar Series.

Since then, there have been many updates and further guidance on the Low-Income Communities Bonus Credit program under Section 48(e) of the Internal Revenue Code and Elective Pay for Tribal Governments.

Join us to learn more about these updates from the U.S. Treasury Office of Tribal and Native Affairs and the Department of Energy's Office of Economic Impact and Diversity.

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July 19

Indian Energy Power Preference Policy and Federal Funding Opportunities - Recording and slides

The July webinar provided an overview of DOE's Indian Energy Purchase Preference Policy and presentations on new federal funding opportunities for tribes, including $1 billion in new clean energy funding through USDA's Powering Affordable Clean Energy program.

May 31

Tribal Energy Funding and Financing Opportunities - Recording and slides

Learn about new tribal energy funding and financing opportunities, including tribal energy examples that illustrate the potential impact of using DOE's Tribal Energy Finance Program.

March 30

Funding for Transitioning Tribal Communities to Clean Energy - Recording and slides

Join us for the second webinar of the 2023 Tribal Energy Webinar Series to learn about funding for tribal communities, including tribal home energy rebates, Clean Energy to Communities, prizes for energizing rural communities, and Rural Utilities Service grants and loans for renewable energy and infrastructure.

Jan. 25

Federal Funding for Tribes - Recording and slides

The previous 2 years of the Biden Administration unleashed an unprecedented amount of funding and incentives for climate change solutions. Join us for the first session of the Office of Indian Energy 2023 Tribal Energy Webinar Series and learn about some of the current federal funding opportunities available for tribes and tribal energy projects.

2022 Tribal Energy Webinar Series: Empowering Native Communities and Sustaining Future Generations

The energy landscape is changing. The 2022 Tribal Energy Webinar Series looked at how tribes can position themselves to participate in the energy transition to the benefit of their communities and future generations.

Follow the links below to view recordings of each webinar and download presentation slides.

Date Webinar Title and Description
April 13

Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs—How Can We Help?

The Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs (Office of Indian Energy) is growing and evolving. This webinar will introduce (or reintroduce) the Office and its leadership and share information on offerings, opportunities, and resources available through the Office, including a demonstration of the wealth of informational resources on our website.

May 4

Understanding Your Electric Grid and Why You Need To

Where does your electricity come from and how does the electricity grid operate to provide you with electricity? It is important to be able to answer these types of questions before you make energy policy, project, or investment decisions. This webinar will provide a general understanding of how the electric grid operates and an overview of common policies that impact tribes and their energy decisions.

June 1

Energy Infrastructure and Climate Resilience

The changing climate brings new and more extreme weather-related events and increased risks to energy infrastructure. The frequency and severity of extreme weather events, including wildfires, flooding, sea level rise, landslides, high winds, and temperature extremes, are increasing. Thoughtful and deliberate energy infrastructure changes can help reduce the severity of these climate change impacts and improve the resilience of tribal energy systems and infrastructure in the face of these growing threats. This webinar will discuss opportunities for tribes to proactively change their energy infrastructure to reduce climate-related risks and impacts.

July 13

Organizing for the Transition to a Cleaner and More Sustainable Energy Future

The realities of climate change and the goals of the Biden Administration provide significant support for tribes who choose to lead the transition to a more sustainable energy future. The opportunities are growing and accelerating; how can tribes position themselves to take advantage of and benefit from those opportunities? This webinar will provide some ideas.

Aug. 3

Technologies of the Energy Transition

A whole host of technologies will be utilized in the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. This webinar will provide overviews and updates on some of these technologies, including renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and transportation.

Sep. 7

Funding Your Energy Future

Transitioning to a cleaner more sustainable energy future will require significant capital investment. This webinar will share some of the opportunities that are available to tribes to fund their investments.

Oct. 19

Developing the Workforce for the Energy Future

As we transition to a new energy future, energy systems and technologies will change. These changes will require workers with different skills and knowledge. Tribes can take advantage of this transition by developing a tribal workforce with the skills necessary for these new jobs. This webinar will share some of the programs and funding opportunities available to support applicable workforce development.

Dec. 7

Tribes Leading the Way to a More Sustainable Energy Future

Tribes have been working toward a more sustainable future for many years. This webinar will highlight projects across Indian Country and rural Alaska that demonstrate successful steps toward a cleaner energy future.