Calendar Year 1997

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December 23, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0416

Audit of Support Services Subcontracts at Argonne National Laboratory

December 10, 1997
Audit Report: ER-B-98-05

Audit Of The Department Of Energy's Contracts With Envirocare Of Utah, Inc

December 5, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0414

Audit of the Department of Energy's Management of Field Contractor Employees Assigned to Headquarters and Other Federal Agencies

December 4, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0415

Audit of Departmental Receipt of Final Deliverables for Grant Awards

November 24, 1997
Audit Report: ER-B-98-04

Audit Of Selected Government-Funded Grants And Contracts At Princeton University

November 19, 1997
Audit Report: WR-B-98-01

Audit Of The Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility Operations At The Los Alamos National Labratory

November 17, 1997
Inspection Report: INS-O-98-01

Report On Inspection Of Concerns Regarding DOE's Evaluation Of Chevron U.S.A's Unsolicited Proposal For The Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve

November 14, 1997
Audit Report: CR-B-98-02

Audit of Management of the Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

November 7, 1997
Audit Report: ER-B-98-03

Audit of the Union Valley Sample Preparation Facility at Oak Ridge

October 24, 1997
Audit Report: ER-B-98-02

Audit of Environmental Monitoring and Health Physics Laboratories at the Savannah River Site

October 23, 1997
Audit Report: ER-B-98-01

Audit of the Deactivation, Decontamination, and Disposal of Surplus Facilities at the Savannah River Site

October 20, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0412

Audit of the Contractor Incentive Program at the Nevada Operations Office

October 17, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0413

Audit of Funding for Advanced Radioisotope Power Systems

October 8, 1997
Audit Report: CR-B-98-01

Audit of the Internal Control Structure of the Department of Energy's Working Capital Fund

August 25, 1997
Audit Report: WR-B-97-07

Audit Of Desktop Computer Acquisitions At The Idaho National Engineering And Environmental Laboratory

August 15, 1997
Audit Report: CR-B-97-04

Audit OF Controls Over The ADP Support Services Contract

August 13, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0411

Audit of the Contractor Incentive Programs at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site

August 11, 1997
Audit Report: CR-B-97-04

Audit of Controls Over the ADP Support Services Contract

July 15, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0410

Audit of Environmental Restoration at the Los Alamos National Laboratory

June 25, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0409

Audit of the Western Area Power Administration's Contract with Basin Electric Power Cooperative

June 17, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0407

Audit of the Department of Energy's Scientific and Technical Information Process

June 9, 1997
Audit Report: WR-B-97-06

Audit of Renovation and New Construction Projects at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

June 6, 1997
Audit Report: AP-FS-97-02

Audit of Departmental Integrated Standardized Core Accounting System (DISCAS) Operations at Selected Field Sites

June 5, 1997
Audit Report: ER-B-97-03

Audit of Proposal to Acquire Land at the Fernald Environmental Management Project

June 2, 1997
Audit Report: IG-0406

Review of Proposed Subcontract For Outsourcing Information Technology