Calendar Year 1996

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March 18, 1996
Audit Report: WR-FS-96-01

Report on Matters Identified at the Richland Operations Office During the Audit of the Department's Consolidated Statement of Financial Position as...

March 15, 1996
Audit Report: IG-0386

Report on the Scope of the Accident Investigation of the Tristan Fire at the DOE Brookhaven National Laboratory

February 29, 1996
Audit Report: IG-FS-96-01

Audit of The U.S. Department of Energy's Consolidated Statement of Financial Position (as of September 30, 1995)

February 23, 1996
Audit Report: WR-B-96-05

Audit of Consultant Agreements at Los Alamos National Laboratory

February 1, 1996
Special Report: IG-0385

Special Audit Report on the Department of Energy's Arms and Military-type Equipment

January 18, 1996
Inspection Report: IG-0384

Inspection of Concerns Regarding the Martin Marietta Corporate Review of Health and Safety at Martin Marietta Energy Systems

January 16, 1996
Inspection Report: IG-0383

Inspection of Human Subject Research in Intelligence and Intelligence-Related Projects