September 7, 2011

Follow-up Review of Property Control and Accountability at the Idaho National Laboratory

The primary function of the Idaho National Laboratory (Idaho) is to support the Department of Energy's (Department) mission regarding nuclear and energy research, science and national defense.  The Idaho Operations Office oversees Battelle Energy Alliance (Battelle), which manages and operates Idaho for the Department.  Under this contract, Battelle is responsible for establishing and maintaining personal property management systems and conducting periodic reviews of those systems for all personal property acquired by it and/or Idaho.  Batelle is also responsible for ensuring effective life-cycle management of a large and diverse personal property inventory of approximately 40,000 items with an acquisition value of about $450 million.  Idaho's personal property portfolio includes, but is not limited to, computers, cell phones, laboratory equipment and security equipment.  In April 2005, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report on "Property Control and Accountability at the Idaho National Laboratory," (DOE/IG-0687).  Our report concluded that certain improvements were needed in property management and reporting processes.  Management concurred with the recommendations and stated that they took corrective action in response to our report.

Topic: Management & Administration