January 27, 2022

Management of Dosimetry Services at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL) external dosimetry program monitors workers for exposure to sources of radiation and is required to maintain proper records.  LLNL may increase the risk to worker health and may increase liability for the Department of Energy by not properly monitoring radiation exposure or properly maintaining records.

We initiated this inspection to determine if the Department’s dosimetry program at LLNL adequately protects workers and is managed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Based on our inspection, nothing came to our attention to indicate that LLNL did not adequately protect its workers, or the external dosimetry program was not managed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  We found LLNL identified and monitored workers who may have been exposed to radiation and those not expected to be exposed to radiation.  Further, we determined LLNL’s policies and procedures complied with Federal Regulations for dosimetry records management and that the dosimetry records we reviewed were retrievable, complete, and accurate according to regulations.

By law, the Department is required to monitor radiological exposures resulting from the conduct of its activities and limit this exposure accordingly.  Therefore, an effective dosimetry program is not only a legal requirement but is a factor in advancing the Department’s mission of ensuring a safe and secure workplace for its employees, contractors and subcontractors.

We did not identify any issues that need to be addressed.  Therefore, we made no recommendations at this time.