Note: Since the original recording, the deadline to provide comments was extended to July 31, 2023.

On May 17, 2023, the Grid Deployment Office hosted a public webinar to provide an overview of the Notice of Intent and Request for Information regarding an applicant-driven, route-specific process to designate National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors (NIETC).

In an effort to improve and streamline siting and permitting authorities and open additional financing tools for transmission, GDO sought stakeholder feedback to improve the NIETC designation process to more accurately pinpoint areas experiencing the greatest transmission need and with the greatest potential for immediate transmission deployment. The RFI asked for feedback on final guidelines, procedures, and evaluation criteria for the NIETC designation process. 

The comment period closed on July 31, 2023. Questions about the Notice of Intent and Request for Information can be sent to

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May 17 NIETC Designation Process RFI Webinar
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy