Founded in 2022, the Grid Deployment Office (GDO) works to catalyze the development of new and upgraded electric infrastructure across the country by maintaining and investing in critical generation facilities; developing and upgrading high-capacity electric transmission lines nationwide; and deploying transmission and distribution technologies.  

GDO acts as a partner with states, Tribes, territories, industry, communities, and other energy sector stakeholders to deploy solutions to lower energy costs and improve grid reliability and resilience.  We strive to work in strong partnership with those across the U.S. to support a robust generation, transmission, and distribution system, which is the backbone of the Nation’s economic, energy, and national security infrastructure.  

GDO oversees more than $22 billion in funding, including historic investments from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA, also commonly known at the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law ([BIL]) and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA). It works within four divisions to leverage unique authorities to fulfill its mission.

Blue line drawings depicting symbols for nuclear energy, hydroelectric power, electrical transmission towers and power lines

Corporate Business Operations

GDO’s Corporate Business Operations Division provides cross-office support in financial management, reporting and internal controls, program analysis and performance, workforce development, communications and outreach, project execution, information management and technology, procurement and acquisition management, logistics, and administrative activities. 

Environmental Reviews, Permitting, and Resource Adequacy

The Environmental Reviews, Permitting, and Resource Adequacy Division oversees activities to expand and enhance the performance and function of electricity markets through four key areas: supporting operations of critical generation facilities including nuclear power and hydroelectric facilities, providing wholesale electricity market analysis and technical assistance, executing DOE authorities for Federal transmission permitting, and providing programmatic environmental assessment and monitoring. 


The Transmission Division evaluates national transmission needs, works to develop new and updated tools for transmission modeling, analysis, and planning efforts, and implements DOE policies and programs to provide commercial facilitation support to advance transmission deployment. In addition, the Transmission Division leads the implementation of transmission-related statutory authorities in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Federal Power Act and engages in policy coordination and stakeholder outreach to accelerate the deployment of transmission infrastructure. Much of this Division’s work also directly supports DOE’s Building a Better Grid Initiative

Grid Modernization

The Grid Modernization Division oversees activities that prevent outages and enhance the resilience of the electric grid. Our modernization programs aim to increase grid resilience at the transmission and distribution levels; enable grid integration of distributed energy resources and new grid-related technologies; and support state, tribal, territory, and local stakeholders in engaging with the grid and grid operators.