1. In General

GC-52 provides legal advice to DOE regarding energy research and development projects supported by DOE for the advancement of basic and applied science in a variety of subject-matter areas including nuclear energy, fusion energy, and climate change research. GC-52 attorneys provide advice on matters related to scientific conduct and activities, review program reports and activities for compliance with applicable provisions of law, and provide support for federal interagency research and development activities.

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2. Isotope Production and Sales

GC-52 provides legal advice to DOE’s Office of Isotope Production and Distribution (the Office), which is an element within the Office of Science (SC). The Office manages the production of a wide range of isotopes at various DOE labs, and enters into contracts of sale for distribution of the isotope production to private and governmental purchasers. Uses of the isotopes include medicine, scientific research, and national security. GC-52 provides legal counsel for this Office that includes participation in the negotiation of the terms of the Office's sales contracts, review and drafting of the terms of written contracts, legal advice concerning financing of the Office under applicable law, and, in conjunction with other offices in GC, advice concerning management of the production of the isotopes at the various Department facilities.

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3. Space Program

GC -52 provides legal advice and assistance to DOE’s Office of Space and Defense Power Systems, an element within the Office of Nuclear Energy in space research and exploration, ensuring the supply of Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS) to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for missions that are beyond the capabilities of fuel cells, solar power and battery power supplies.

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