The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) supports agencies that exploring a "hybrid approach" to Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) ENABLE and non-ESPC ENABLE General Services Administration Supply Schedule SIN 33451284 energy conservation measures (ECMs) upon request.


  • ECMs fall under same award; no need for different funding.
  • Agency and energy service company (ESCO) must come to agreement about how the ESCO will calculate guaranteed savings outside of the Investment Grade Audit (IGA) Tool for non-ESPC ENABLE ECMs. The ESCO must also propose an measurement and verification (M&V) methodology for non-ENABLE ECMs.
  • Notice of opportunity should state that the ESCO must demonstrate the capability to do this for the agency’s particular ECMs.
  • Agency and FEMP ESPC ENABLE team will review ESCO savings and cost estimates and M&V plans.
  • FEMP cannot provide the same level of confidence for non-ESPC ENABLE ECM savings as for ECMs that are included in the IGA Tool.
  • IGA Tool is being expanded to address boilers, chillers, and motors based on high agency interest.