See FEMP's Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity Resources for Federal Agencies to learn more about electric utility regulatory environments and CFE procurement strategies.

The Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity (CFE) Program Availability Map is a searchable database of clean energy purchasing programs offered by vertically integrated utilities (i.e., those responsible for generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in their service territory). It is published by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and is intended to assist federal stakeholders with identifying CFE options that meet E.O. 14057 requirements.

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Technical Assistance

Learn about available assistance options for navigating commodity electric and off-site purchases.

Using the Map

Narrow your search by state, availability, Executive Order (E.O.) 14057 eligibility, and General Services Administration (GSA) Areawide Contract (AWC) to identify programs of interest. Select a given program to view the program website, contract term length, and more.

Map Key
Availability Agencies can enroll in available options. A program may be unavailable if the program has already been fully subscribed or if enrollment has not yet begun.
E.O. 14057 Eligibility

Eligible options meet the following requirements in the EO 14057 Implementing Instructions:

  • Technology meets definition of CFE
  • Generator was placed in service on or after October 1, 2021
  • CFE is delivered to the same balancing authority
  • Energy attribute certificates are obtained and retired by the customer or on the customer's behalf.
GSA AWC Agencies can take electric service using a Task Order under a GSA AWC. See GSA's Utility Areawide Guide for more information on procuring utility services through AWCs.


The table is set to display E.O. 14057 Eligible options on default. To view all options, including ineligible options (i.e., those for states in yellow), select "All" in the dropdown list for the E.O. 14057 Eligibility filter.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this tool is accurate to the best of FEMP's knowledge and will be updated quarterly. Agencies should confirm program availability and E.O. 14057 eligibility with their serving utility. Please contact Nichole Liebov with any updates or corrections.

Additional Assistance

Commodity Electricity Purchases

Federal customers in retail electric choice markets can contact Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Energy or GSA for commodity electricity purchases, which will be aggregated with other federal loads.

Off-site Purchasing Options

For help evaluating off-site purchasing options, request assistance through the FEMP Assistance Request Portal.