FEMP works closely with agencies to ensure successful ESPC ENABLE projects.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers project assistance to help federal agencies implement Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) ENABLE projects.

FEMP project assistance includes help from federal project executives to identify and develop projects and guide the ESPC ENABLE process. It also includes the opportunity for agency-funded access to U.S. Department of Energy project facilitators who provide project management, technical, and procurement support if desired.

Agencies needing support at a transactional level for individual projects must sign an interagency agreement with FEMP for project facilitation and contracting support from the ESPC ENABLE team (agencies can repay FEMP either up-front or over the life of the ESPC ENABLE contract, thereby paying from the project's savings). Enterprise projects implemented under a memorandum of understanding outlining the agency's enterprise approach are exempt from the FEMP support charges.

General Services Administration (GSA) contracting staff are also available to answer questions regarding the GSA Supply Schedule SIN 334512. Contact Rocky Miller or Kevin Mitchell at GSA with questions.

For more information about ESPC ENABLE project assistance, contact Ira Birnbaum.