Beale Air Force Base is looking beyond traditional on-road vehicles, embracing the future of electrification with a focus on resilience and emergency response capabilities. In February 2022, Beale Air Force Base acquired two DANNAR Mobile Power Stations. Each unit boasts 250 kWh of battery storage capacity, with a forklift attachment on one end and a scissor lift attachment on the other. This versatility makes them invaluable for a range of projects.

Vehicle with forklift and scissor lift attachments.

Electric mobile power stations help Beale Air Force Base meet daily operational needs, reduce emissions, and provide backup power during a grid outage.

Photo courtesy of Beale Air Force Base.

Currently, the units are primarily replacing conventional gas- or diesel-powered forklifts and scissor lifts. However, their applications extend beyond, offering advantages over other equipment at the base:


The units can provide exportable power to charging electric vehicles and equipment that rely on mobile power. Additionally, the charging equipment installed on the unit is customizable.

Emergency Response:

The equipment can be deployed in emergency response situations, such as firefighting, where sending in personnel may be dangerous. The units and their hydraulic attachments can be operated remotely using a joystick from up to one mile. This creates numerous possibilities for enhancing safety on the base.

Emissions Reduction:

In enclosed hangars, the units can assist with maintenance, repairs, and operations for both aircraft and buildings. Using gas- or diesel-powered equipment in enclosed hangars can lead to emissions-related issues for personnel, making electric equipment ideal for those applications.

For sites considering the acquisition of similar units, retired Beale Air Force Base Facilities Superintendent Master Sergeant Craig Domko offers his recommendation. "See the units in person to better assess where a site can maximize the use of the vehicle. It's helpful to be able to test the operations of the unit to fully realize its potential."

With top speeds of 25 mph, configurable attachment options that transform the vehicle into versatile workforce equipment, and an on-board exportable battery storage of 250 kWh, Beale's investment in electric mobile power stations not only helps them meet daily operational needs but also contributes to reducing local and global emissions, while providing essential power during emergencies.