The U.S. Department of Energy’s Performance Contracting National Resource Center (PCNRC) has launched a Training Certificate Series with the release of the first two training modules: "Overview of Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)" and "Getting Started with an ESPC Project." This no-cost, accredited, on-demand interactive training series is designed to support performance contracting and workforce development in the federal and MUSH markets (municipal and state governments, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, and hospitals).

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Access the first two modules of the new PCNRC Training Certificate Series.

"The PCNRC training certificate series will strengthen the clean energy workforce to help deliver on the Biden Administration’s goals for expanding the use of performance contracting, increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions," said Mary Sotos, Director of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).

"ESPC is a proven budget-neutral approach for state and local governments to achieve significant energy and cost savings, and owner’s representatives play a significant role in contributing to project success," said Dr. Henry McKoy, Director of the Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP). "The PCNRC training series provides a strong foundational curriculum that is valuable for prospective owner’s representatives and ESPC customers alike, and SCEP is pleased to offer this resource, in collaboration with FEMP, to support continued and expanded use of performance contracting to achieve state and local goals."

The series will be comprised of a total of eight modules, with the remaining six modules to be released on a rolling basis through early 2023. Each module may be taken as a stand-alone training on a particular component of the performance contracting process, positioning the training series to serve as a valuable resource for customers as well as professional owner's representatives to learn about ESPC and reference throughout the ESPC process. Individuals may also earn continuing education units and demonstrate their proficiency in performance contracting by completing the entire series and receiving a certificate. The PCNRC Training Certificate Series supports the goals of the Performance Contracting National Resource Center as a hub for best practices and solutions for ESPC implemented in the federal and MUSH markets.

"Owner's Representatives have proven valuable to both ESPC customers and providers, as these projects are complex and deliver tremendous benefits when all parties are pulling in the same direction," stated Dub Taylor, Executive Director of the Energy Services Coalition. "The new Training Certificate Series will greatly enhance the level of knowledge and consistency of services provided by Owner's Representatives and is a welcome addition to the PCNRC resource set."  

The training series was informed by stakeholder input and developed by experts in the field including former federal contracting officers, federal project executives, DOE national laboratory experts, and consultants with extensive experience with MUSH market performance contracting. The series will support the professional development of emerging and experienced professionals alike and promote the use of qualified owner’s representatives while planning and executing ESPC projects.

"The PCNRC Training Certificate Series offers a uniform, high-quality and transparent standard for ESPC customers to make an informed choice in selection and hiring for this role," said Dr. Timothy Unruh, Executive Director of the National Association of Energy Service Companies. "If ESPC customers are looking to engage an owner’s representative for their project, the certificate process will highlight the candidates who are the most qualified and the most committed to industry best practices."

"The U.S. Department of Energy’s collaboration with the National Association of State Energy Officials and other stakeholders to develop this new training series is a tremendous step for advancing guaranteed energy and water savings in state and local facilities through ESPC," stated David Terry, Executive Director of the National Association of State Energy Officials. "The PCNRC Training Certificate will help state and local officials identify and access well-qualified, credentialed experts to help them navigate complex public facility energy retrofit projects to assure high quality projects that safeguard their and taxpayer interests."

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The PCNRC is a collaborative effort between the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and the Office of State and Community Energy Programs (SCEP), established in 2020 at the direction of Congress in H.R. 1865, Public Law 116-94. Additional resources available through the PCNRC include an overview of the benefits of using owner’s representatives in an ESPC, a streamlined energy project data management platform designed for state and local governments, eProject eXpress (ePX), the Better Buildings ESPC Toolkit, and FEMP’s Energy & Project Procurement Development Services web page and trainings.