During National Clean Energy Action Month, we celebrate the 2023 FEDS Spotlight future leaders propelling us toward a more sustainable future.

Deeply committed to advancing sustainability and resilience, these award-winning leaders embody the characteristics and skills needed to drive key projects and diverse programs forward. Within their respective organizations, they have excelled at project management, secured substantial contracts, addressed critical gaps, and led assessments to bolster climate resilience.

Their efforts span energy and environmental management, from infrastructure enhancements to flood risk management and lighting retrofits. The outcomes of which include tangible cost savings, environmental benefits, and the promotion of energy-efficient practices. These achievements underscore their dedication to driving change and leading by example across federal agencies.'

Meet the leaders setting remarkable examples in clean energy and resilience.

Agencies in Action

U.S. Department of Defense: Navy

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Department of Transportation

"FEMP FEDS Spotlight Future Leaders Honorees: Andrea Taylor, LCDR Matthew Hunt, James Scales, and Jason Timothy McGee." Headshots of each honoree are included next to their names as well as the insignia of the federal agencies they work for.