One of the research areas of DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy (FE) focuses on investigating and providing technology options to economically capture and utilize natural gas. As part of this work, FE’s Office of Oil and Natural Gas undertook an effort to compile state-level natural gas flaring and venting regulations currently implemented by oil- and gas-producing states in the United States. A total of 32 information fact sheets were developed for each oil and gas producing state, along with an accompanying report that summarizes the findings and analysis of the information collected. In addition, a compendium regulatory database was developed to include an aggregated list of state regulations with hyperlinks to full policy text and reference to specific sections relevant to flaring and venting. Each fact sheet includes information on the following:

  • FE’s role and research portfolio for capture and utilization of flared or vented gas
  • Producing oil and gas plays and basins in the state
  • Key state regulations associated with natural gas flaring and venting
  • Relevant state oil and gas statistics for the last six years, including flared and vented natural gas volumes, as data is available
  • State regulatory points of contact.

The analysis report summarizes the information compiled; includes additional data and information from other sources as related to state regulations and flaring and venting; provides an overview of federal policy and an analysis of natural gas flaring and venting trends and impacts; describes technology options available to capture and use natural gas; and offers FE initiatives to accelerate technology solutions to reduce flaring and venting.

There has been recent increased public awareness of flared and vented natural gas, especially in the Bakken field of North Dakota and the Permian Basin of Texas. The state fact sheets and the analysis report provide useful information for the public and other stakeholders and serve as a reference for state policy and regulations.