The Carbon Capture, Transport, and Storage Supply Chain Deep Dive Assessment finds that developing carbon capture and storage (CCS)—a suite of interconnected technologies that can be used to achieve deep decarbonization—poses no significant supply chain risk and can support the U.S. Government in achieving its net-zero goals.

CCS delivers deep emissions reductions in hard-to-decarbonize industrial sectors, such as steel, fertilizer, and cement; can decarbonize existing infrastructure and assets in power and industrial sectors; and helps the most carbon- and heat-intensive industries operate with little to no greenhouse gas emissions.

The assessment lays out the key opportunities and long-term use applications of CCS technologies that could help produce between 390,000 and 1.8 million good-paying union jobs. It also includes policy recommendations that will incentivize the advancement of the CCS industry to ensure the successful infrastructure is in place to support the nation’s clean energy and decarbonization transition.

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