Secretary Granholm Requests Advice from the National Petroleum Council

Washington, D.C. - Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm has requested three studies from the National Petroleum Council (NPC) since her arrival at DOE.  Each study request has linkages to current Administration goals pertaining to climate change, as well as national economic and energy security.

On December 14, 2021, the NPC met virtually for its 131st Annual Meeting.  At the meeting, NPC members unanimously endorsed the Secretary’s formal request from letter November 8, 2021, for the Council to undertake a study on the deployment of low and zero carbon Hydrogen Energy (PDF) at scale through the entire value chain, including production, storage, liquefaction, transportation, and end uses.

A second study on pathways and options for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions (PDF) reduction across the U.S. natural gas supply chain was formally requested by Secretary Granholm by letter dated April 22, 2022.

A third study for an analysis of Short-Term Actions and Transition Strategies (PDF) was requested on July 29, 2022, related to the changing global crude supply, its impacts on U.S.-based producers, suppliers and refiners, and the U.S. economy, and the need for secure, consistent supply of oil and refined products for the American people.  Each of these studies is anticipated to be discussed at the 132nd Annual Meeting of the Council to be held in December 2022.