The Office of Fossil Energy gives notice of receipt of an application filed on October 24, 2014, by Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd (Pieridae) requesting long-term, multi-contract authority as further described below, to export to Canada up to 292 billion cubic feet (Bcf) per year of natural gas (0.8 Bcf/day) for a term of 20 years beginning on the earliest of the date of first export or seven years from the date requested authorization is granted.  The natural gas would be exported near Baileyville, Maine on the Maritimes & Northeast  US Pipeline.

Pursuant to Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act,  Pieridae requests the Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy grant permission to export natural gas into Canada for consumption and through Canada, after conversion in Canada into LNG, to (i) any country with which the United States currently has, or in the future may enter into, a free trade agreement requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas and (ii) any country with which the United States does not have a free trade agreement requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas with which trade is not prohibited by US law or policy.  Pieridae requests exporting permission for itself, or to act as agent for others.

DOE will consider the following environmental documents.

110/24/14Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdApplication for Long-term Multi-contract Authorization to Export Natural Gas into Canada for Consumption and through Canada to Free Trade Agreement and Non-free Trade Agreement Nations after Conversion into LNG
212/04/14U.S. Department of EnergySigned Federal Register Notice
312/10/14U.S. Department of EnergyF.R. Notice Published 79 FR 73285
42/9/2015Rich Cowan for Dracut Pipeline Awareness GroupMotion to Intervene
52/9/2015Jeff Zimmerman for Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, Inc.Motion to Intervene
62/9/2015Wes Gillingham, Program Director, for  Catskill MountainkeeperMotion to Intervene
72/9/2015Pramilla MalickMotion to Intervene
82/9/2015Nisha Swinton for Food & Water WatchMotion to Intervene
92/9/2015Barbara CliffordMotion to Intervene
102/9/2015Debby LewisMotion to Intervene
112/9/2015Mark PezzatiMotion to Intervene
122/9/2015Julie HawkowlMotion to Intervene
132/9/2015Karen Weber for Foundation for a Green Future, Inc.Motion to Intervene
142/9/2015Madeline CroninMotion to Intervene
152/9/2015Ben Martin for 350CTMotion to Intervene
162/9/2015Julia WernkeMotion to Intervene
172/9/2015Eugene Marner for Compressor-Free FranklinMotion to Intervene
182/9/2015Sarah PartanMotion to Intervene
192/9/2015Andra RoseMotion to Intervene
202/9/2015Mark PezzatiComment
212/9/2015Rebecca RoterMotion to Intervene
222/9/2015Karen Ribeiro Inner FortuneMotion to Intervene
232/9/2015Kathy McGheeMotion to Intervene
242/9/2015Vera ScrogginsMotion to Intervene
252/9/2015Jane Winn for Berkshire Environmental Action TeamMotion to Intervene
262/9/2015Joan Tubridy for Citizens Energy and Economics Council of Delaware County, NYMotion to Intervene
272/9/2015Johnson, Ty for Saint John Gas Marketing Co.Motion to Intervene
282/9/2015Katy Eiseman for Massachusetts PipeLine Awareness NetworkMotion to Intervene
292/9/2015Paul Cicio for Industrial Energy Consumers of AmericaMotion to Intervene
302/9/2015Vincent DeVito, Esq. for Northeast Energy SolutionsMotion to Intervene
312/9/2015Ann WollMotion to Intervene
322/9/2015Andrea Doremus CuetaraMotion to Intervene
332/9/2015Tom E. McCormick for Chicago Bridge and Iron N.VComment
342/7/2015Don OgdenComment
352/8/2015Thomas WilderComment
362/9/2015Jennifer MarkensComment
372/9/2015Steven L. JohnsonComment
382/9/2015Peter CurtisComment
392/9/2015Anne O'ConnorComment
402/9/2015Kathleen M. PaddenComment
412/9/2015Jane MoosbrukerComment
422/9/2015Mevrian ThomasComment
432/9/2015Miriam KurlandComment
442/9/2015Maurice E. MayComment
452/9/2015Matthew McConnellComment
462/9/2015Micky McKinleyComment
472/9/2015Eileen Griffin WrightComment
482/9/2015Justin AdkinsComment
492/9/2015Hattie NestelComment
502/9/2015Joshua WachtelComment
512/9/2015Llewellyn SherrodComment
522/9/2015Kevin ChamberlinComment
532/9/2015Martha TirkComment
542/9/2015Etta DavisComment
552/9/2015Marilyn LearnerComment
562/9/2015Holly HiginbothamComment
572/9/2015Catherine T BertinusonComment
582/9/2015Betsy Taylor-KennedyComment
592/9/2015Ava GipsComment
602/9/2015Curtis L Nordgaard, MD MScComment
612/9/2015Tammy FareedComment
622/9/2015Nick MillerComment
632/9/2015Anne BattersonComment
642/9/2015Nancy BrennerComment
652/9/2015Stephen SpauldingComment
662/9/2015Arthur E DouglasComment
672/9/2015Jaimye BartakComment
682/9/2015Vince PremusComment
692/9/2015Rachel BranchComment
702/9/2015Rosemary WesselComment
712/9/2015Melinda GriffinComment
722/9/2015Eileen MartinComment
732/9/2015Judith K. CanepaMotion to Intervene
742/9/2015Bruce MandaroComment
752/9/2015Susan Van DolsenComment
762/9/2015Petition with 1013 Signatures, sent from Premilla MalickPetition
772/9/2015Cindy and Steve TrueComment
782/9/2015Tina IngmannComment
792/9/2015John Nelson Jr.Comment
802/9/2015Jim MellettComment
812/9/2015Patricia MartinComment
822/9/2015Elaine MrozComment
832/9/2015Lisa McLoughlinComment
842/9/2015Sharon GoldsteinComment
852/9/2015Martha RemingtonComment
862/9/2015Deirdre DerchinComment
872/9/2015Susan SeccoComment
882/9/2015Vivian LeskesComment
892/9/2015Ward ClarkComment
902/9/2015Anna FessendenComment
912/9/2015Maryanne MacLeodComment
922/9/2015Charley EisemanComment
932/9/2015Wil HastingsComment
942/9/2015Jeanne A. SargentComment
952/9/2015Lynn RoseComment
962/9/2015Patty StoneComment
972/9/2015Alan Ferry for Bolton Conservation TrustComment
982/9/2015Paula ClairComment
1002/9/2015Peggy RootComment
1012/9/2015Bob PasterisComment
1022/9/2015Nick DarchikComment
1032/9/2015Barbara QuinnComment
1042/9/2015Susannah BrownComment
1052/9/2015Liz FletcherComment
1062/9/2015Eileen QuinnComment
1072/9/2015Buz EisenbergComment
1082/9/2015Ellen HarrisonComment
1092/9/2015Julia BlythComment
1102/9/2015Alan WeismanComment
1112/9/2015Erin JaworskiComment
1122/9/2015Kathleen O’ConnorComment
1132/9/2015Denise SchineComment
1142/9/2015Colleen SullivanComment
1152/9/2015Lizzie TatroComment
1162/9/2015John TremblayComment
1172/9/2015Walter CudnohufskyComment
1182/9/2015Jas FarmerComment
1192/9/2015April SchellerComment
1202/9/2015Phil RuryComment
1212/9/2015Ken KipenComment
1222/9/2015Ken CondonComment
1232/9/2015Amanda KrchakComment
1242/9/2015Rema LoebComment
1252/9/2015Carolyn BarthelComment
1262/9/2015Janet ClarkComment
1272/9/2015Cathy KristoffersonComment
1282/9/2015Amy PulleyComment
1292/9/2015Laura KayeComment
1302/9/2015Marion WheelerComment
1312/9/2015Phyllis CampbellComment
1322/9/2015Warren OndrasComment
1332/9/2015Robert Douglas, P.EComment
1342/9/2015Frederick CarlisleComment
1352/9/2015Rutilious (Rudy) Perkins III, Esq.Comment
1362/9/2015Susan LeesComment
1372/9/2015Vanessa RuleComment
1382/9/2015Gerri WileyComment
1392/9/2015Antonia LakeComment
1402/9/2015Ariel ElanComment
1412/9/2015Douglas WhitbeckComment
1422/9/2015Cheryl RoseComment
1432/9/2015Paula TerrasiComment
1442/9/2015Cathy BuckleyComment
1452/9/2015Mary S WhitakerComment
1462/9/2015Judy PhillipsComment
1472/9/2015Linda HaleyComment
1482/9/2015Anne WrightComment
1492/9/2015Shepard FormanComment
1502/9/2015Susan RossComment
1512/9/2015Carolyn SellarsComment
1522/9/2015Judy EddyComment
1532/9/2015Susi WestwoodComment
1542/9/2015Wes ErnsbergerComment
1552/9/2015Trellan SmithComment
1562/9/2015Cornelia KellyComment
1572/9/2015Daria MarkComment
1582/9/2015James CarvahoComment
1592/9/2015Mina HamComment
1602/9/2015Nili PearlmutterComment
1612/9/2015Nina DillonComment
1622/9/2015Pat LarsonComment
1632/9/2015Ruth WeizenbaumComment
1642/9/2015Sonja DaraiComment
1652/9/2015Marilyn Learner and Anne Dicicco on behalf of
New Hampshire Pipeline Awareness Network
Motion to Intervene
1662/9/2015Rebecca Roter on behalf of Breathe Easy Susquehanna CountyMotion to Intervene
1672/9/2015Tamsen MerrillComment
1682/23/2015Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Consolidated Answer of Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd. In Opposition to the Motion to Intervene, the Protests, the Comments and the Requests for Extension of Deadline to Comment and Intervene filed by Various Entities
16902/24/2015Northeast Energy Solutions, Inc.Motion for Leave to Reply and Reply
1703/9/2015Saint John Gas Marketing CompanyMotion for Leave to Reply and Reply
1714/2/2015Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Designation of U.S. Resident Agent for Service of Legal Process
1724/10/2015Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Errata to Application
1735/8/2015Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Supplement to Application
1745/21/2015Northeast Energy Solutions, Inc.Supplement to Motion for Leave to Reply of Northeast Energy Solutions, Inc.
1755/22/2015U.S. Department of Energy Order 3639 Granting Long-term, Multi-contract Authorization to Export Natural Gas to Canada and to Other Free Trade Agreement Nations.
17606/17/15Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Request to Correct Errata in DOE/FE Order 3639
17707/31/15Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Natural Gas Supply Agreement
17808/17/15Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Second Supplement to Application for Long-Term, Multi-
Contract Authorization to Export Natural Gas into Canada for Consumption and through Canada to Free Trade and Non-Free Trade Agreement Nations after Conversion into LNG and Motion to Lodge by Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.
17908/17/15Northeast Energy Solutions, Inc.Second Supplement to Motion for Leave to Reply
18009/17/15U.S. Department of Energy Tolling Order
18111/02/15U.S. Department of EnergyErrata Correcting Order 3639
18202/09/15Marcia GensComment (Late Submission)
18302/09/15Maria SzmauzComment (Late Submission)
18402/09/15Michele GielisComment (Late Submission)
18502/09/15Polly RyanComment (Late Submission)
18602/09/15Richard ComptonComment (Late Submission)
18702/09/15Robert BussewitzComment (Late Submission)
18802/09/15Ruth OsgoodComment (Late Submission)
18902/09/15Sara SnowComment (Late Submission)
19002/09/15Tim HolcombComment (Late Submission)
19102/09/15J.L. BradleyComment (Late Submission)
19202/09/15Leslie PowersComment (Late Submission)
19302/09/15Lisa PetrieComment (Late Submission)
19402/09/15Grace PetersComment (Late Submission)
19502/09/15Jim MarkhamComment (Late Submission)
19602/09/15Denene M. PremusComment (Late Submission)
19702/09/15Alan SchultzComment (Late Submission)
19802/09/15Bouzha CookmanComment (Late Submission)
19902/10/15Anna HanchettComment (Late Submission)
20011/02/15Errata NoticeErrata Notice
20112/18/15Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd. Notice of Change in Control and Amendment to Application
20201/28/16U.S. Department of EnergyCategorical Exclusion Determination
20302/05/16U.S. Department of EnergyOrder 3768 Granting Long-Term, Multi-Contract Authorization to Export U.S.-Sourced Natural Gas by Pipeline to Canada for Liquefaction and Re-Export in the Form of LNG to NFTA
20406/21/16U.S. Department of EnergySigned CIC F.R. Notice
20506/28/16U.S. Department of EnergyPublished CIC F.R. Notice 81 FR 41967; Comments Due 7/13/16
20611/23/16U.S. Department of EnergyResponse to  Erik J.A. Swenson Granting Pieridae's CIC Request of December 18, 2015
20705/22/17Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Change in Control Request
20806/15/17Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Notification of Change in Counsel
20911/01/17Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.Change in Control Notification
21003/01/18U.S. Department of Energy83 FR  8861; Comments Due 3/16/2018
21108/31/18Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdChange in Control Notification
21212/03/18U.S. Department of EnergyStatement Regarding Change in Control
21312/11/18U.S. Department of Energy83 FR 63635; Comments Due 12/26/18 in Response to CIC Notification
21412/13/18U.S. Department of EnergyPolicy Statement on LNG Destination Reporting
21503/11/19U.S. Department of EnergyGranting CIC Request for Long-Term Authorization
21609/19/19U.S. Department of Energy

F.R. Notice Notice Published 84 FR 49278; Comments Due 10/21/19: Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting LNG from the U.S.

21711/5/19Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdChange in Control Notification 
21801/02/20U.S. Department of Energy85 FR 72: Response to Comments on Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting LNG from the U.S.
21902/11/20U.S. Department of Energy Published Notice 85 FR 7672: Policy Statement Extending Natural Gas Export Authorizations to Non-free Trade Agreement Countries Through the Year 2050.
Federal Register Notice
The Comment Page
22003/13/20U.S. Department of Energy Notice of Change in Control
22107/29/20U.S. Department of Energy Signed Federal Register Notice Extending Natural Gas Export Authorizations to Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries Through the Year 2050
22208/25/20U.S. Department of Energy 85 FR 52237 - Published Federal Register Notice Extending Natural Gas Export Authorizations to Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries Through the Year 2050
2231217/20U.S. Department of Energy Categorical Exclusion Determination 
22412/18/20U.S. Department of Energy Policy Statement on Including Short-Term Export Authority in Long-Term LNG Export Authorizations
22503/10/22Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdRequest for Extension of Commencement Deadlines
22603/28/22Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdRequest to Place Request for Extension of Commencement Deadlines in Abeyance 
22703/29/22U.S. Department of Energy Acknowledgement of Request for Extension of Commencement Deadlines in Abeyance
22805/11/22Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdCertificate of Service 
22912/05/2022U.S. Department of EnergyNotification of Upcoming Export Deadline
23002/01/2023U.S. Department of EnergyEmail Correspondence Between U.S. Department of Energy and Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd
23102/02/2023Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd

Request of Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd for Extension for Long-Term, Multi-Contract Authorization to Export U.S. Sourced Natural Gas by Pipeline to Canada for Liquefaction and Re-Export in the Form of Liquefied Natural Gas

Opinion of Counsel

23202/03/2023Pieridae Energy (USA) LtdCertificate of Service for Request of Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd for Extension for Long-Term, Multi-Contract Authorization to Export U.S. Sourced Natural Gas by Pipeline to Canada for Liquefaction and Re-Export in the Form of Liquefied Natural Gas
23303/29/2023U.S. Department of Energy88 FR 18530 - Federal Register Notice of Request for Extension for Long-Term Authorization to Export Liquefied Natural Gas
23404/21/2023U.S. Department of EnergyPolicy Statement on Export Commencement Deadlines in Authorizations to Export Natural Gas to Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries
23501/18/2024U.S. Department of EnergyFollow-Up Email to Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.
23601/23/2024U.S. Department of EnergyFollow-Up Email to Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.