Angelos accepts his award

Angelos (right) accepts his award

The Office of Fossil Energy’s (FE) Angelos Kokkinos recently held the honor of being the first recipient of a new award issued by his alma mater, Penn State University, where he earned his master’s degree in Fuel Science.  

Faculty from Penn State University’s Energy Engineering Program selected Angelos as the inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award in Fuel Science and Energy Engineering.

Angelos is currently the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary within FE’s Office of Coal and Carbon Management. In this role, Angelos is responsible for planning, managing, and executing the research and development (R&D) budget for FE’s Clean Coal program, which includes its Advanced Energy Systems; Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage; and Crosscutting R&D programs.

Penn State established the award to recognize alumni who have demonstrated leadership and professionalism in all matters connected with the energy industry throughout their careers. The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences presented the award to Angelos at the Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering’s annual awards banquet, among current students and faculty, and other alumni. The banquet was held in State College, Pennsylvania, on April 15.

At the banquet, representatives from the department issued Angelos the award, commending him for his 40 years of work in important energy technologies, including coal power generation and emissions control, as well as solar power generation. 

After accepting the award, Angelos thanked the faculty for the great honor and spoke about how the Penn State program has been key to the success he has had in his career. He also thanked his professors and coworkers who have helped him along the way.  

Turning to the students gathered, he told them they were very lucky to be enrolled in such a strong program. He also gave them some advice as they begin their career in energy science—encouraging them to question results, think outside the box, and always learn new things.

Congratulations, Angelos!