Applicants for authorization to import or export natural gas, including liquefied natural gas (LNG), apply on behalf of a given entity, whose corporate structure and place of business is detailed in the application.  If the entity seeks to transfer or change control of the company to an outside party not detailed on the entity's approved application, it must seek approval from the Office of Fossil Energy (FE).  The transfer or change in control may be of the company that holds the authorization, or any upstream ownership entity or holding company that in turn controls the authorized entity.  A change in control or transfer of control application is warranted whenever a non-authorized entity seeks to acquire at least 10% of the outstanding shares or at least 10% interest in the authorized entity.  All applications requesting a change in control pursuant to 10 C.F.R. 590.405 to previously filed applications with FE’s Division of Natural Gas Regulation are listed below:




1.  14-001-CIC Cameron LNG, LLC 02/18/2014
2. 11-145-LNG; 11-162-LNG; 14-204-LNG; 15-36-LNG; 15-67-LNG; 15-90-LNG; 16-34-LNG Cameron LNG, LLC 03/23/2018
3. 14-002-CIC Pangea LNG (North America) Holdings, LLC
 (Vacated by Order 3227-A Issued 4/8/15)
4. 14-003-CIC Pangea LNG (North America) Holdings, LLC
 (Vacated by Order 3227-A Issued 4/8/15



Annova LNG, LLC



6. 14-005-CIC; 10-160-LNG; 10-161-LNG, 11-161-LNG and 12-06-LNG Freeport LNG Expansion, L.P., FLNG Liquefaction, LLC, FLNG Liquefaction 2, LLC and FLNG Liquefaction 3, LLC 07/03/2014
7. 13-69-LNG and
Venture Global LNG, LLC (Formation of Venture Global Calcasieu Pass, LLC) 09/22/2014
8. 14-19-LNG and
Louisiana LNG Energy, LLC CIC Reflecting Acquisition by Parallax Enterprises (NOLA) LLC 05/21/2015
9. 14-179-LNG Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd., 12/18/2015; 05/22/2017
10. 12-152-LNG and 13-153-LNG Commonwealth LNG, LLC (formerly Waller LNG Services, LLC (d/b/a Waller Point LNG)  12/23/2015
11. 11-59-LNG; 03-76-LNG; 04-39-LNG; 05-114-LNG, 06-03-LNG; 06-04-LNG; 06-08-LNG and 08--64-LNG Lake Charles Exports, LLC and BG LNG services Notice of Change in Control 02/17/2016
12. 13-26-LNG Freeport-McMoRan LLC, Notice of Change in Control 11/15/2016
13. 16-144-LNG Driftwood LNG LLC 02/17/2017
14. 14-63-CNG Pentagon Energy (formerly Wentworth Gas Marketing LLC) 01/25/2017
15. 15-190-LNG Rio Grande LNG, LLC 08/23/2017

14-209-LNG; 15_19_LNG; and 16-33-LNG

American LNG Marketing, LLC 01/09/2018
17. 12-32-LNG Jordan Cove 03/23/2018
18. 15-53-LNG and 15-96-LNG Port Arthur 03/30/2018
19. 10-85-LNG; 10-111-LNG; 13-30-LNG; 13-42-LNG; 15-63-LNG;  and 15-171-LNG Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC 12/08/2017
20. 13-129-LNG and 13-147-LNG Delfin LNG, LLC. 07/11/2018
21. 12-156-LNG and 12/88/LNG Golden Pass Products LLC and Golden Pass LNG Terminal LLC  
22. 18-144-LNG ECA Liquefaction, S. de R.L. de C.V. (Formerly Energia Costa Azul, S. de R.L. de C.V.) 01/07/2021
23. 11-115-LNG, 11-128-LNG & 16-205-LNG Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG, LP 10/23/2019
24. 14-179-LNG  Pieridae Energy (USA) Ltd.  11/6/2019
25. 18-70-LNG Mexico Pacific Limited LLC  11/18/2020
26. 12-183-LNG, 13-131-LNG, 13-132-LNG Magnolia LNG, LLC  6/24/2020
27. 14-96-LNG Alaska LNG Project LLC  7/6/2020
28. 11-115-LNG, 11-180-LNG, 18-180-LNG Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG, LP  7/9/2020
29. 10-85-LNG, 10-111-LNG, 13-30-LNG, 13-42-LNG, 13-121-LNG, 14-92-LNG, 15-63-LNG, 18-85-LNG, 19-125-LNG, 19-133-LNG, and 20-28-LNG Sabine Pass Liquefaction, LLC 9/23/2020
30. 11-145-LNG. 14-204-LNG, 15-36-LNG, 11-162-
LNG, 15-67-LNG, 15-90-LNG, 19-62-LNG, 19-45-NG, 18-144-LNG, 18-145-LNG, 15-53-LNG, 15-96-LNG, 18-162-LNG, 20-23-LNG, 20-43-NG, 19-65-LNG, 20-52-LNG, 20-145-NG, & 20-153-LNG
Cameron LNG, LLC et al.