The Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management gives notice of receipt of an Application, filed on September 14, 2022, by BP Energy Company (BPEC), requesting blanket authorization to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) that previously had been imported into the United States from foreign sources in an amount up to the equivalent of 30 billion cubic feet of natural gas, on a cumulative basis, for a period of two years beginning December 2, 2022.  BPEC requests authorization to export LNG from the Cove Point LNG Terminal located in Calvert County, Maryland, to any country with the capacity to import LNG via ocean-going carrier, and with which trade is not prohibited by U.S. law or policy.  BPEC requests this authorization on its own behalf and as agent for other parties who hold title to the LNG at the time of export.  A Federal Register Notice will be issued for the non-Free Trade Agreement (NFTA) portion of this application.


1. 09/13/2022  BP Energy Company Application for Blanket Authorization to Export Previously Imported LNG on a Short-Term Basis
2. 10/06/2022 U.S. Department of Energy

87 FR 60666 Notice of Application for Blanket Authorization To Export Previously Imported Liquefied Natural Gas to Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries on a Short-Term Basis

Protests, motions to intervene or notices of intervention, as applicable, requests for additional procedures, and written comments are to be filed electronically as detailed in the Public Comment Procedures section to later than 4:30 p.m., Eastern time, November 7, 2022.

3. 11/30/2022 U.S. Department of Energy Categorical Exclusion Determination
4. 12/01/2022 U.S. Department of Energy Order Granting Blanket Authorization to Export Previously Imported Liquefied Natural Gas by Vessel to Free Trade Agreement and Non-Free Trade Agreement Nations