The Office of Fossil Energy (FE) of the Department of Energy (DOE) gives notice of receipt of an application (Application), filed on March 7, 2018, by Blue Water Fuels, LLC, (Blue Water Fuels), requesting authorization to export domestically produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the HR Nu Blue Energy, LLC liquefaction facility located in Port Allen, Louisiana (Nu Blue Energy Facility), initially, and later from other ports located in the United States, to any country that has, or in the future will have the capacity to import LNG in bulk or in approved ISO IMO7/TVAC-ASME LNG (ISO) containers via ocean-going carriers and with which trade is not prohibited by U.S. law or policy.  Blue Water Fuels is seeking to export up to a total equivalent volume of 2.715 Billion cubic feet/year of natural gas for a period of 25 years to any country with which the United State has, or in the future will have, a Free Trade Agreement.  The requested authorization is for a 25-year period commencing on the earlier of the date of first export, or two years from the date the authorization is issued.  Blue Water Fuels is requesting this authorization both on its own behalf and as agent for other parties who hold title to the LNG at the time of export.


1.03/07/2018Blue Water Fuels, LLCApplication for Long-term Export of Liquefied Natural Gas via ISO Containers, to FTA Nations
2.03/15/2018Blue Water Fuels, LLCClarification email
3.06/25/2018U.S. Department of EnergyOrder 4202 Granting Long-Term, Multi-Contract Authority to Export LNG in ISO Contrainers or in Bulk Loaded at the HR NU BLU Energy, LLC Liquefaction Facility in Port Allen, Louisiana, and Exported by Vessel to FTANs
4.12/13/2018U.S. Department of EnergyPolicy Statement on LNG Destination Reporting
5.08/19/2019Blue Water Fuels, LLCRequest for Amendment to Order 4202 issued June 25, 2018
6.10/31/2019Blue Water Fuels, LLCRequest to change the effective date
7.10/31/2019U.S. Department of EnergyOrder 4202-A Amending Long-term Authorization to Export Liquefied Natural Gas to Free Trade Agreement Nations
8.12/18/2020U.S. Department of EnergyPolicy Statement on Including Short-Term Export Authority in Long-Term LNG Export Authorizations