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The Office of Fossil Energy (FE) of the Department of Energy (DOE) gives notice of receipt of an application (Application), filed on June 18, 2018, by Mexico Pacific Limited LLC (MPL), requesting long-term, multi-contract authorization to export domestically produced natural gas to Mexico, and to convert such natural gas to liquefied natural gas (LNG) in an amount up to the equivalent of 620.5 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas.  MPL seeks to export this LNG from the proposed Mexico Pacific Limited Facility (MPL Facility), to be constructed in the state of Sonora, Mexico.  MPL requests authorization to export the LNG to (1) any country with which the United States currently has, or in the future may enter into, a free trade agreement (FTA) requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas (FTA countries); and (2) any country with which the United States does not have a free trade agreement requiring national treatment for trade in natural gas, and with which trade is not prohibited by U.S. law or policy (non-FTA countries).  MPL seeks to export this natural gas and subsequently, LNG, on its own behalf and as agent for other entities who hold title to the natural gas or LNG at the time of export.  MPL requests the authorization for a 20-year term to commence on the earlier of the date of first export from the MPL Facility, or five years from the issuance of the requested authorization.


DOE will consider one or more of the following studies examining the cumulative impacts of exporting domestically produced LNG:

Additionally, DOE will consider the following environmental documents: 


Item No.DateFiled ByDocument Type
1.06/18/2018Mexico Pacific Limited LLC (MPL)Application
208/10/2018U.S. Department of Energy

F.R Notice Published 83 FR 39737; Comments Due 10/09/2018

3.09/19/2018U.S. Department of EnergyOrder 4248 Granting Long-Term Multi-Contract Authorization to Export Natural Gas to Mexico and to Other FTANs
4.09/28/2018Diego PonceSupport for Approval of Application
5.12/12/2018Mexico Pacific Limited LLC (MPL)Supplement to Application
6.12/13/2018U.S. Department of EnergyPolicy Statement on LNG Destination Reporting
7.12/13/2018U.S. Department of EnergyCategorical Exclusion
8.12/14/2018U.S. Department of EnergyOpinion and Order Granting Long-term, Multi-contract Authorization to Export U.S.-Sourced Natural Gas by Pipeline to Mexico for Liquefaction and Re-Export in the form of Liquefied Natural Gas to Non-Free Trade Agreement Countries
9.09/19/2019U.S. Department of Energy

F.R. Notice Notice Published 84 FR 49278; Comments Due 10/21/19: Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting LNG from the U.S.

10.11/18/2019Mexico Pacific Limited LLC (MPL)Notification Regarding Change in Control 
11.01/02/2020U.S. Department of Energy 85 FR 72: Response to Comments on Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting LNG from the U.S.
12.01/14/2020Mexico Pacific Limited LLC (MPL)Supplement to Notification Regarding Change in Control dates November 18, 2019.
13.02/11/2020U.S. Department of Energy

Published Notice 85 FR 7672: Policy Statement Extending Natural Gas Export Authorizations to Non-free Trade Agreement Countries Through the Year 2050.

Federal Register Notice

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14.02/14/2020U.S. Department of Energy85 FR 8581 Notice of Change in Control
16.03/31/2020U.S. Department of EnergyNotice of Change in Control