LLNL Science on Saturday

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February 15, 2020 9:30AM to 11:30AM EST

Visit LLNL's education website for more details.

Join these free one hour science lectures for MS and HS students at the Bankhead theatre, presented by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists. 

Feb 8 Return to Apollo: Geologic evolution of a young moon Lars Borg, LLNL with Tom Shefler, Granada HS 

Feb 15 Health in Space: Developing new tools for the trip to Mars Matt Coleman and Matthias Frank, LLNL David Loftus, NASA Ames Research Center with Erin McKay, Tracy HS 

Feb 22 Planetary Defense: Avoiding a cosmic catastrophe Megan Bruck Syal and Mary Burkey, LLNL with Dan Burns, Los Gatos HS (ret.) 

Feb 29 Monitoring Microbiomes: Detection on the International Space Station Crystal Jaing and Nick Be, LLNL with Katherine Huang, Dougherty Valley HS