We are a community advisory group that was chartered in 1997 to provide citizen input to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Northern New Mexico Citizens' Advisory Board


NNSA Supplemental Environmental Projects Update

At the June 15, 2016 meeting Pete Maggiore, DOE NNSA, Presented on Supplemental Environmental Projects at LANL.

EM-LA Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

At the January 27, 2016 Board Meeting...

NNMCAB Full Board Meetings

NNMCAB Combined Committee Meetings

NNMCAB Combined Committee Agenda: April 2018 Pojoaque
Agenda for the April 18, 2018 Committee Meeting: Presentation, Remediated Nitrate Salts and Un-remediated Nitrate Salts Close-Out
NNMCAB Combined Committee Agenda: February 2018 Pojoaque
Agenda for the February 28,2018 Committee Meeting: Presentation, FACA Training, Dave Borak; Feasibility Study for LANL TRU Waste at WCS, Lee Bishop
NNMCAB Combined Committee Agenda: October 2017
Agenda for the October 25, 2017 Committee Meeting: Presentation, Accomplishments in FY17 & FY18 Outlook, Steve Hoffman; Budget Update, Bob Pfaff
NNMCAB Combined Committee Agenda: April 2017
Agenda for the April 19, 2017 Committee Meeting: Presentation, Update on Remediated Nitrate Salts Treatment