EM has released its program priorities for calendar year (CY) 2024, covering key cleanup actions, project construction, acquisition and other important activities that will further EM’s environmental mission.

"These critical priorities set the stage for a new chapter in cleanup in communities that supported our nation for so many years and represent EM’s commitment to doing the right thing for those most impacted by the environmental legacy of the past," EM Senior Advisor William “Ike” White said.

As EM moves ahead on its journey to accomplish major cleanup milestones over the next decade, the CY 2024 priorities reflect EM's mission to clean up the land and water at DOE sites while contributing to national security priorities, investing in the future and aiding local communities’ efforts to build strong economies, grow jobs and prepare for a clean energy future.

EM worked closely with its field sites and stakeholders to develop the priorities for this year. The cleanup program remains committed to achieving its environmental cleanup and national security missions in a manner safe and protective of its workers, the public and the environment, and with transparency to the communities that host its sites.

In CY 2023, EM checked off the majority of its priorities, completing complex work that led to critical progress, made possible by support from its state, tribal and local partners. The CY 2024 list has 33 priorities — three more than last year.

The full set of EM CY 2024 priorities can be accessed here.