Cincinnati – Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) issued a Draft Request for Proposal for the West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) Phase 1B cleanup to be performed at the WVDP Site in western New York.

The new Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract will be an End State Contract with a maximum value of up to $3.0 billion. The contract will include a 10-year ordering period; performance task orders issued before the end of the Contract ordering period shall not exceed five years beyond the end of the Contract ordering period. The contract includes requirements for meaningful work to be performed by small businesses and a community commitment clause.

The new contract will replace the WVDP Phase 1 Decommissioning – Facility Disposition contract currently held by CH2M Hill – BWXT West Valley, LLC, which expires February28, 2025. The goal of the End State and the master IDIQ contract is to achieve measurable results toward completion of the DOE-EM mission at WVDP by accomplishing the maximum amount of environmental cleanup within the 10-year ordering period. EM is using a selection process for this procurement that focuses the evaluation of offers on key personnel, past performance, management approach, and cost and fee/profit to support a qualifications-based selection of the offeror that represents the best value to the government.

Remediation work at WVDP has safely progressed to the point where DOE can execute the Phase 1B acquisition, which will include the demolition of remaining near-grade and below grade components; additional facility deactivation and demolition; contaminated soils excavation and remediation; waste management and legacy waste disposition; safeguards and security; environmental monitoring; surveillance and maintenance; and program support activities

A dedicated EM Consolidated Business Center (EMCBC) webpage has been established for the WVDP Phase 1B procurement: All news/announcements, documents (including the Draft RFP and Final RFP), pre-solicitation information, questions/answers, and related links will be posted on the procurement website. The Draft RFP and Final RFP will also be posted to the FedConnect website at:

DOE intends on conducting a pre-solicitation conference, site tour, and one-on-one sessions with industry for the WVDP Phase 1B procurement, planned in late September. Registration information is available via the EMCBC WVDP Phase 1B procurement webpage, Interested parties are encouraged to review the Draft RFP prior to participating in the industry one-on-one sessions.

For more than 30 years, EM has remained focused on addressing the environmental legacy of nuclear weapons development and nuclear energy research that helped end World War II, win the Cold War, and position the United States as a leader in clean nuclear energy. Collectively, EM is delivering results that are protecting the environment, supporting communities and enabling a concerted focus on safely completing the mission sooner and more efficiently.

Additional information regarding the project is available at: /em/west-valley-demonstration-project-wvdp

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