Cincinnati – Today, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (EM) awarded the Portsmouth Decontamination and Decommissioning Contract (PORTS D&D) to Southern Ohio Cleanup Company, LLC (SOCCo) of Aiken, South Carolina for work to be performed at the Portsmouth Site in southern Ohio.

SOCCo is a newly formed limited liability company made up of the following members: Amentum Environment and Energy, Inc.; Fluor Federal Services, Inc.; and Cavendish Nuclear (USA) Incorporated.

The Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity Contract under the End State Contracting Model will have a maximum value of up to $5.87 billion, over the 10-year ordering period, and performance of task orders issued before the end of the Contract ordering period shall not exceed 5 years beyond the end of the Contract ordering period. The Contract includes requirements for meaningful work to be performed by small business.

EM received two (2) proposals in response to the solicitation, both of which complied with the solicitation instructions and were evaluated for the new contract. Through a healthy and rigorous competition, EM determined the SOCCo proposal provided the best value to the Government considering Key Personnel, Past Performance, Management Approach, and Cost and Fee, resulting in a new contract with a highly capable team at PORTS.

Work to be performed under the new PORTS D&D Contract will include, but not be limited to demolition and disposal of facilities, process equipment, related process buildings, and other ancillary facilities. The D&D Contract also includes remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater, and disposition of uranium material. The new D&D Contract will replace the PORTS D&D contract currently held by Fluor–BWXT Portsmouth, LLC (FBP).

In order to focus the new D&D Contractor on End State completion, operations scope under the D&D contract with FBP will transfer to the forthcoming Operations and Site Mission Support (OSMS, formerly known as Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride [DUF6]) contract. This work will include utilities, Emergency Management, Physical Security, Uranium transfers, and Nuclear Material Control and Accountability. The work scope transferring from the existing PORTS D&D contract to the new OSMS contract will not result in an overall reduction in scope for the PORTS site. To ensure a smooth transition of scope and workforce, the transition periods for the new OSMS and D&D Contracts will be aligned and occur subsequent to the award of the OSMS contract. Effective scope and transition alignment between the contracts is necessary for workforce continuity and will allow for a more strategic focus on the work at PORTS.

With continued stable funding for the PORTS site, no site workforce impacts are expected with transition to the new D&D and OSMS contractors. Competitive and comparable benefits will also continue under the new contracts.

The PORTS D&D Contract will promote robust community commitment and engagement, including support to site reindustrialization by the local community. Submission of a community commitment plan to DOE is required and the Contract will also provide for a 5 percent preference for small business subcontract proposals from regional small businesses.

For more than 30 years, EM has remained focused on addressing the environmental legacy of nuclear weapons development and nuclear energy research that helped end World War II, win the Cold War and position the United States as a leader in clean nuclear energy. Collectively, EM is delivering results that are protecting the environment, supporting communities and enabling a concerted focus on safely completing the mission sooner and more efficiently.

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