Cincinnati – Today, the Department of Energy awarded a new small business set-aside contract to provide continued occupational medical services to thousands of Hanford Site employees to Inomedic Health Applications, Inc. (IHA), a small disadvantaged and woman-owned business located in Hampton, Virgina. IHA will provide occupational medical services to thousands of federal and contractor employees at Hanford as the site prepares for sustained tank waste treatment operations.

The Department is aligning with the start of 24/7 direct-feed low-activity waste (DFLAW) operations at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) to treat low-activity tank waste and the expected increase in services needed by the occupational medical services provider.

“The award of this contract demonstrates another visible step toward the start of tank waste treatment at Hanford,” said Hanford Site Manager Brian Vance. “Having consistent round-the-clock occupational medical services available will support sustained operations.”

While the current contract with HPM Corporation expires on December 31, 2023, and includes an option to extend services through the end of 2025, the current contract does not include 24/7 coverage for WTP-DFLAW operations.

EM received three (3) proposals in response to the solicitation, all of which complied with the solicitation instructions and were evaluated for the new contract. Through a healthy and rigorous competition, EM determined the IHA proposal provided the best value to the Government. The period of performance of the new contract will include a base period of three years (including a transition period of 60 days), and two option periods of two years each, for a total of seven years, with a maximum value of $208,083,568.

For more than 30 years, EM has remained focused on addressing the environmental legacy of nuclear weapons development and nuclear energy research that helped end World War II, win the Cold War and position the United States as a leader in clean nuclear energy. Collectively, EM is delivering results that are protecting the environment, supporting communities and enabling a concerted focus on safely completing the mission sooner and more efficiently.

The EM Consolidated Business Center has set up a website for this procurement. Additional information regarding the Hanford Site is available at: /em/hanford.

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