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Currently, FY2024 milestones are being discussed with the New Mexico Environment Department.

FY23 Milestones - 10/30/23

Last Updated: October 30, 2023

Consent Order

The 2016 Consent Order with the State of New Mexico is the principal regulatory driver for legacy cleanup at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The Consent Order contains requirements for investigation and cleanup as well as enforceable deadlines for achieving desired remediation end-states and for submitting documents such as investigation work plans, investigation reports, periodic monitoring reports, and Corrective Measures Evaluation reports. The 2016 Consent Order established a corrective action process to satisfy the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) requirements contained in the 2005 Consent Order and encompasses all work scope included within the 2005 Consent Order.

The 2016 Consent Order details cleanup campaigns and identifies near-term milestones and targets. This “campaign approach” identifies specific cleanup projects, facilitates project coordination, and promotes focused attention on cleanup activities and attainable results. As one campaign winds down and completes, the next prioritized campaign will commence and continue until completion.

Campaigns may be subject to two types of deadlines: milestones within the current fiscal year, which are enforceable; or targets in the subsequent two fiscal years, which are not enforceable. Approximately 10-20 milestones are established per fiscal year. These milestones, however, represent only a portion of the legacy cleanup work being executed at LANL.


2016 Consent Order Files

2016 Compliance Order on Consent (modified February 2017)

Appendix A: SWMU/AOC List (updated January 2023)

Appendix B: Milestones and Targets (updated February 2023)

Appendix C: Campaigns (updated January 2023)

Appendix D: Document Review/Comment and Revision Schedule

Appendix E: Document Templates

Appendix F: Sampling/Analytical/Field Method Regulatory Guidance


You can learn more about the 2016 Consent Order by downloading related presentations EM-LA has provided to the public on our Presentations page.