The Walter W. Maybee Award for Fire Protection is named for one of the most distinguished past members of the DOE fire safety community. It is awarded to those whom the Department of Energy (DOE) Fire Safety Committee concludes to be a personification of the ideals of this community and who has achieved a significant degree of accomplishment within the realms of fire protection engineering and emergency services.

Current Award Winner: 2014 Walter W. Maybee Award for Fire Protection

Michael J. Cates, CFPS
Fire Protection Engineer, Battelle Energy Alliance
Idaho National Laboratory

Past award recipients

  • Walt Maybee
  • Dennis Kubicki,
  • Carl Caves,
  • Rocky Flats Fire Department,
  • Hanford Fire Department
  • Bill Boyce,
  • Bill Shields,
  • Jim Hutton,
  • Don Good
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Justine Zamirowski
  • Bob Bitter¬†