DOE is applying a risk-based resiliency approach to its operations to identify and minimize climate-related and other vulnerabilities across all DOE policies, programs and activities.  DOE is assessing vulnerabilities, using the best available science, to strengthen the agency’s planning, operations, and investment activities and ensure the continuation of its mission.

DOE and its employees actively participate in numerous partnerships and working groups, from the local and regional to the interagency level. Many DOE sites are engaged in research partnerships to further their understanding of risks related to cybersecurity, climate change and other vulnerabilities.

DOE facilities are located in all eight climate regions identified in the 2014 National Climate Assessment (as established by the U.S. Global Change Research Program), and are vulnerable to identified climate change impacts in those regions. To assist with establishing and maintaining an effective climate adaptation process, DOE is working to integrate resilience concerns into all applicable DOE orders, policies, and planning documents.

DOE’s scientific experts and advanced computing capabilities offer significant benefits to the resiliency research effort, as well as information necessary for proper planning. DOE will continue to coordinate resiliency efforts across programs and missions.