Protective Action Criteria (PAC) with AEGLs, ERPGs, & TEELs: Rev. 29 for Chemicals of Concern - May 2016

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May 2016

The Temporary Emergency Exposure Limit (TEEL) data set has a new name; it is now called the Protective Action Criteria (PAC) dataset. The main page for the PAC can be found here. While the PAC dataset continues to present the latest TEEL values (as developed by Doug Craig and his SCAPA team), the intent of the new name is to emphasize that the data set also includes available Acute Exposure Guideline Level (AEGL) and Emergency Response Planning Guideline (ERPG) values.


PAC DATASET (with AEGL, ERPG, and TEEL data)


The SCAPA PAC/TEEL webpage provides information on the PAC dataset, TEEL development, links to AEGL and ERPG websites, links to the SCAPA Chemical Mixture Methodology, and access to other consequence assessment products.