Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan

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Welcome to the Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan (HQFMSP) and its associated Headquarters Security Officer program.

The Headquarters Facilities Master Security Plan (HQFMSP) is written for Headquarters Security Officers (HSOs), as security experts, and employees on how to implement the various security actions needed to meet Headquarters security requirements.

The purpose of the HQFMSP is to inform employees, contractors, and visitors of the security procedures in place at Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters (HQ) facilities in the Washington, DC area. The HQFMSP does not establish new security requirements; security requirements are established by various Federal laws and regulations, Executive Orders, and DOE directives. This plan explains how these requirements are implemented at HQ and gives HQ personnel and visitors access to the security policies and procedures that affect them regularly. The HQFMSP does not apply to DOE sites or facilities outside the Washington, DC area.

In this version of the HQFMSP, we have made an effort to replace technical security terms with more common language. For example, we use “security clearance” instead of “access authorization” and “HSPD-12 badge” rather than “Personal Identification Verification Credential.” We believe we communicate just as effectively with this plainer language.

The HQFMSP is completely unclassified. We have removed anything that can be construed as Official Use Only or that describes sensitive internal security procedures. In this way, we can better serve those who visit or receive security services through HQ and make the HQFMSP accessible via the worldwide web.

Use the chapter heading links on the pages below to open the various chapters. Some chapters have sections within them and some do not. To see the entire structure of the HQFMSP, click on the “HQFMSP Table of Contents” link below. The reader cannot search the entire plan for a specific word or phrase, but it is possible to search each chapter and its associated sections by opening the chapter and then using the “Edit/Find” function on the toolbar near the top left of each page.

The HQFMSP is updated as HQ security procedures change. The date of the latest change to each chapter appears in the grey date line in the upper left corner of each chapter link. The HQFMSP always reflects the most current HQ security procedures.

By order of the Deputy Secretary of Energy, the associated HSO program and its Duties and Responsibilities are contained in link below.

Headquarters Security Officer Program Duties and Responsibilities