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DOE Annual Site Environmental Reports (ASERs) are required by DOE O 231.1B. The ASERs provide important information needed by site managers and DOE Headquarters to assess field environmental program performance, site-wide environmental monitoring and surveillance effectiveness, and confirm compliance with environmental standards and requirements. They are also the means by which DOE sites demonstrate compliance with the radiological protection requirements of DOE O 458.1. In addition, ASERs are an important means of conveying DOE's environmental protection performance to stakeholders and members of the public living near DOE sites.

The guidance for preparation of DOE Annual Site Environmental Reports (ASERs) for calendar year 2019 provided below, was approved and distributed to DOE Field and Site Office managers April 7, 2020 via a transmittal memorandum guidance by the Office of Environment, Health Safety and Security for the preparation ASERs for calendar year 2019. The ASER Guidance was developed by the Office of ES&H Reporting and Analysis under the Office of Environmental Protection, ES&H Reporting.